Adding members to a group

Immediate operation

Members can be added to the group atomically with the .add_members() function. The application needs to fetch the corresponding key packages from every new member from the Delivery Service first.

    let (mls_message_out, welcome) = alice_group
        .add_members(backend, &[bob_key_package])
        .expect("Could not add members.");

The function returns the tuple (MlsMessageOut, Welcome). The MlsMessageOut contains a Commit message that needs to be fanned out to existing members of the group. The Welcome message needs to be sent to the newly added members.


Members can also be added as a proposal (without the corresponding Commit message) by using the .propose_add_member() function:

    let mls_message_out = alice_group
        .propose_add_member(backend, &bob_key_package)
        .expect("Could not create proposal to add Bob");

In this case the the function returns an MlsMessageOut that needs to be fanned out to existing group members.